About Us
» History:
Ed Muceus has been interested in gold mining since the age of four, when his father and stepmother put the first gold pan in his hand near Columbia, CA. His interest was reenergized when he purchased land in the Sierra Nevadas containing a small, gold-bearing creek. Ed panned for gold in the creek with success and his passion endured. Ed has hunted gold all over northern Nevada, California, Colorado, Baja (Mexico), and Alaska.
Ed prospected placer gold in dry washes in northern Nevada and followed one placer gold lead upstream. He discovered gold-bearing float and gold specimens in late 1992. His discovery resulted in three veins containing specimen gold. Ed first leased his claims near Winnemucca in northern Nevada from Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corporation in 1992 and Mad Mutha Mine was born. Ed maintains his current lease with Newmont Mining Corporation.
» Tools of the trade:
Ed Is self-educated in mineralogy. He has used a myriad of tools for prospecting over the years including but not limited to: bare hands, picks, shovels, hammers, gold pans, flumes, dredges, sluice boxes, crushers, shake tables, grinders, polishers, metal detectors, and smelters. Currently, he metal detects with the Fisher Gold Bug 2 and Minelab 4000. Ed excavates by hand using picks and shovels, and has lugged thousands of buckets of ore around.
» Meet the 'Muckers':
Mad Mutha Mine has had many four-legged 'workers' throughout the years that love to get out and run around the vast northern Nevada high desert. Presently, Lilly (Lil) and Buster (Bust), two German short-haired pointers, help hunt everything from gold to chuckar and add some great companionship.
» Mad Mutha Mine:
Mad Mutha Mine continues to produce high-quality, specimen gold. Photos can be seen on the 'Specimens' page, and in-person visits can be arranged or stop by the Denver Gem and Mineral Show or the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society's Show.